The Ethicos Group has developed the Fairness Toolkit and Integrity Tools to help our clients recognise and respond to workplace conduct and practices which could give rise to harm, legal liability or other adverse consequences.

In 2013, workplace bullying and sexual harassment alone cost the Australian economy over $20 billion, and involved about half of all workers. A recent KPMG survey found 80% of Australian managers do not recognise the main indicators of fraud.

Sexual harassment, bullying, conflicts of interest, bribery, corruption and misconduct scandals are now commonplace. Ministers, public servants, academics, professionals and business leaders alike are investigated for misconduct in increasing numbers.

Internal advice is often unhelpful or ignored. Traditional training is inefficient, expensive, hard to evaluate and non-scalable, as well as time-limited.

The Fairness Toolkit is based on our unique ‘Show and Ask’ diagnostic method.

Integrity Tools provide organisations with reliable identification of organisational vulnerabilities and strengths, as well as supporting executive assurance, policy audit and organisational climate functions.

Individuals dealing with complex workplace matters can access expert assistance anywhere, anytime and at modest cost, through our innovative combination of mobile device technology, evidence-based diagnostics, and ‘smart’ knowledge-management software.

The Ethicos people

The Ethicos Group is a partnership of established specialists whose members have extensive high-level experience, in Australia and internationally, in policy development, legislation, institutional strengthening, administrative reform, and training and capacity-building, specifically in the domains of professional ethics, integrity systems, codes of conduct, official misconduct, corruption, employment equity and ‘good governance’.

Ten members of the Group have held senior positions in state or federal public services, two were formerly senior union officials, and two are lawyers. Four of us have held, or currently hold, various academic or administrative positions in Australian universities.

The Ethicos Group leadership team