The Workplace Help-Key enables individuals to identify problematic workplace situations quickly and accurately without the need to refer to complex law and policy.

Once a workplace problem is accurately identified using our animated video scenarios, expert guidance and comprehensive resources assist people to understand the relevant Australian law and policy, and how to apply typical codes of conduct, professional standards and effective decisionmaking.  The Workplace Help-Key is relevant to all Australian workplaces and workers, including public sector and private sector employment, the Not-for Profit / Charity /voluntary sector employment, and workers in universities, colleges and schools.

The Workplace Help-Key is available to individuals on a secure USB drive, which also enables users to save up to 15 Gb of personal information  (such as notes, emails, photos and documents) in a lockable personal file, if desired.

The Workplace Help-Key contents can also be licensed by organisations as a download direct from The Ethicos Group.  Both the video scenarios and the related policy and legal compliance frameworks can be customised or extended to suit the needs of particular workplaces or organisations.