The Fairness Toolkit is for individuals.

The Fairness Toolkit enables individuals to identify problematic workplace situations quickly and accurately without the need to refer to complex law and policy.

Once the workplace situation is diagnosed, a subsequent training mode assists individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in the relevant law and policy, codes of conduct, professional standards and community values.

The first module of the Fairness Toolkit was developed as a smartphone app featuring six animated scenarios focused on workplace bullying and harassment.

Future Toolkit modules will focus on topics such as workplace investigations, performance assessment, ‘natural justice’ and procedural fairness, integrity and conflict of interests, corrupt practices and bribery, whistleblowing and 'leaking’, unlawful discrimination, privacy and confidentiality, corporate values and ethics, and managing the policy cycle.

The Toolkit as a whole can be licensed by organisations direct from The Ethicos Group and customised, if required, for deployment in desktop, web-based or mobile device formats.